June 1 - July 4

*to arrive no later than July 4

pick up dates will be at least 3 times per week

c/o Legends Drum Corps
PO Box 2303
Portage, MI 49081-2303

Additional Dates TBA


  • To send mail to the 2019 Legends members, staff and volunteers, it MUST arrive within the date range listed. 
  • Any mail that arrives to us after our final day of tour will be forwarded to the sending address.
  • Packages sent by family and friends SHOULD NOT BE LARGE THAN A SHOE BOX size as we are not able to guarantee there will be room to transport larger packages
  • DO NOT ever send anything via UPS, Federal Express, DHL, or any other carrier except the US POSTAL SERVICE.
  • Believe it or not, your kid will miss you. Bus snacks, a ‘miss you’ letter, a card, a favorite teddy bear, or of course, a little extra spending money are all appreciated.
  • Mail in plenty of time!
  • Never send anything directly to the housing site.
  • Mail will be distributed to members during snack at the end of the day.  These days will typically be on laundry/grocery stop days and may also include a day in between those.