When are Auditions fo​r the 2017 season?

November 18-20, 2016:  Auditions (Brass, Percussion, Color Guard, Assistant Conductor)
If you are not able to attend November, you must attend December.

December 16-18, 2016:  Auditions & Call Backs  (Brass, Percussion, 
​Color Guard, & Assistant Conductor)  

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Can I submit a Video Audition?                                          

This option should only be selected if you are not able to attend the December Audition for consideration of a call back to  attend the January Camp (brass, percussion).  Contracts will only be given at a live audition.  Video must be  submitted by 6pm EST on December 16, 2016. 

Color Guard applicants may select this option for consideration of a call back to attend the April Camp if you were not able to attend the November Auditions. ​​

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What if I am unable to attend either the November or December Audition?

Every effort should be made to attend November or December Auditions. If this is not possible, special arrangements must be made with Ibe Sodawalla, Corps Director at

What is the schedule for an Audition Weekend?

Audition weekends begin with registration at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and conclude with a 3:00 p.m. closing meeting on Sunday.  Please check the exact schedule for the weekend on the Auditions page.

What positions are available for 2017?

Legends will have 149 available positions for 2017.  All positions are open except for Drum Major. Returning members that are eligible to march are required to audition for a position before receiving a contract.

2016 Instrumentation (TBD for 2017)
1 Drum Major
24 Trumpet, 12 Mellophone, 24 Bari/Euph, 12 Tuba
9 Snare, 4 Tenor, 6 Bass, 5 Cymbal
9 Keyboard, 2 Synth, 2 Aux, 1 Timp, 1 Drum Set
29 Guard
3 Assistant Conductor

How much does being a member of Legends cost?

Tuition for the 2017 season will be announced around October 1. Tuition for a new member for the 2016 season was $3300. Tuition is inclusive of all fees (rehearsal camps, equipment/uniform, food program, and summer tour). Audition Fees do not apply.  Veteran members receive a discount.  

All members are expected to meet the financial commitment as described in the membership contract.  We expect payments to be made in a timely manner. Payment plans are available and can be discussed once a contract is awarded. Financial aid is not available.

What should I expect during the auditions and how is a position offered?

You will have the opportunity to experience and learn the skills necessary to perform at one of the highest levels of the drum & bugle corps activity.  During the auditions, you will learn about what it takes to be a part of Legends and DCI:  time commitment, costs, tour schedule, and our expectations for preparation will be discussed.  You will also have time to ask any questions that you might have. 

Time will be spent with the instructional staff of your respective area (brass, percussion, guard).  They will discuss and work with you on what is expected from you to be a Legend.  You will spend time in ensemble and sub section settings to work through the manuals and exercises.  There will also be one on one time with your primary supervisor and/or respective instructors.

You will be around a number of professional educators and volunteers who love Legends and drum corps.  The atmosphere will be very relaxed and we are here to help you have an incredible drum corps experience.

Positions will be awarded to the people whose strong desire is to be successful.  Your talent and skills are given primary consideration in the selection process and our staff will place members accordingly.  Also considered is your commitment level, communication, your personal and financial responsibility, your attitude, your growth, and your improvement.

At the conclusion of camp, you will be informed of one of these results from your audition: 

A. You will be offered a contract for a position with the corps.
B. You will be given a call back to see your improvement in certain areas.
C. You will be given information on how you may improve for an audition next year.

What do I bring to auditions and what should I prepare?

Specifics on what to bring to camps are available on the Audition/Rehearsal Weekend page. Specifics on what to prepare are included in the 2017 Audition materials.

What meals are provided during Audition/ Rehearsal Weekends?

Legends will provide all meals during the audition/rehearsal weekends.  This is included in your audition/camp fee.  These meals include:  Friday (snack), Saturday (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack), and Sunday (breakfast, lunch).
If you have any food allergies/specifications, please note these on your questionnaire. 

Am I required to stay overnight during Audition/Rehearsal Weekends?

Yes, all participants are required to stay on site during the duration of Audition and Rehearsal Weekends.

What is the camp schedule and the 2017 Summer Tour Schedule?

The camp schedule is available on the 
Drum Corps Schedule page. The 2017 summer tour schedule is announced around Thanksgiving weekend.

What do I do if I have conflicts?

100% attendance at winter season rehearsals and summer tour is expected.  We understand that there may be conflicts and we will work with you to make your at home commitments a priority. Conflicts that we deem acceptable are academic and performance related.  Personal situations, such as weddings, prom, and tests are a few examples that we deal with on an individual basis.  All conflicts should be indicated on your questionnaire. Your best chance of making the corps will depend on your attendance.  When you fail to attend a camp and haven't told us why in advance, we assume that you do not wish to be a part of the corps. Communication is key.

Can I join Legends if I am in a Winter Guard or Winter Percussion Ensemble?

Yes.  We support the winter activity and understand the commitments of those schedules.  We ask that a 50/50 split be arranged during our rehearsal weekends.

Where should I fly into for auditions/camps? Is there a shuttle from the Airport, Amtrak, or Greyhound Station?

Kalamazoo has an airport (AZO), Amtrak, and Greyhound station.  Other nearby airports include Grand Rapids MI (GRR) and Southbend IN (SBN).  The closest major airports are Detroit MI and Chicago IL.  

Travel by flight, Amtrak, Greyhound should be booked to allow you to get to camp by the posted registration time and to stay for the full duration of camp and still have ample time to get to the airport following the conclusion of camp.  If you need to arrange for shuttle to camp or have questions prior to booking travel, please contact Allison Patrick at

What is the age requirement? 

Our age range is from 16-22, or sophomore in high school to college age and membership is comprised from all areas of the country.  9th grade students/younger than age 15 will be considered, however approval from the Corps Director and respective department supervisor is required.  The average age of Legends is 18.

You must be 21 or younger on June 1, 2017 in order to be eligible to march the 2017 season.

You may participate in the Audition Weekends if 1) you are at least a freshman in high school; 2) you have parent/guardian permission (required if under 18) 

Are Scholarships available?

Legends does not have any scholarships or financial aid available for the drum corps.  In the event that scholarship monies do become available to award, the current membership will be informed of these opportunities.  

What is the sponsorship program?

The sponsorship program is a great way for members to raise money towards their tuition.  100% of monies generated from this program will be applied to their account.  Legends provides members with a sponsorship letter that can be shared to family, friends, and community members about their upcoming drum corps experience.

More information about the sponsorship program is provided to members along with their membership contract paperwork. 

Can my parents get involved? Are there volunteer opportunities?

Absolutely!  Volunteers are needed during the camp weekends to help prepare meals and work on miscellaneous projects.  Legends volunteers are essential towards the success of the corps. Volunteers help with cooking, sewing, uniforms, transportation, and general needs.  Legends typically needs 6-8 volunteers each day while on tour during the summer.  

For those that are interested in volunteering during the November Audition weekend, visit our 
volunteer page for more details on how you can support the drum corps.  Our primary need of support during Audition and Rehearsal Weekends is food prep and serving. Additional projects typically arise at each weekend.  If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Traci Glasscock, Food/Volunteer Coordinator at traci@legendspaa.org.

What do I do if I have college orientation or an ACT conflict?

We ask that you focus first on dates that do not conflict with Legends.  We understand that there may be conflicts with taking the ACT or attending your college orientation and we will do everything we can to try and work through these scenarios.  Planning accordingly and communicating is the key if no options exist.  We ask that you do not arrange to take the ACT or schedule College Orientation during Spring Training/Tour.

How many members are returning from last year?

We don't know.  There are many reasons why eligible past members might not be able to commit to another season with the corps.  Also keep in mind that all positions for Legends are open except for Drum Major.  Any returning members that are eligible to march are required to audition for a position before receiving a contract. 

Do I have to bring my own instrument/equipment to the Audition Weekend?

Brass applicants should bring their own trumpet, mellophone, or marching baritone. Tubas, if able, should bring a marching tuba (not a sousaphone). Make sure and bring your own mouthpiece to use as well.  Bring a portable music stand if able.

Battery applicants should bring a drum, harness, stand, sticks, and drum pad. Cymbals, bring  an 18" pair. Bring a portable music stand if able.

Keyboard applicants should bring 2 pairs of keyboard mallets, sticks, and a drum pad. Bring a portable music stand if able.

Auxiliary, timpani, drum set, and synth applicants should bring sticks, and drum pad. Bring a portable music stand if able.

Color Guard applicants should bring a solid flag on a 6' pole.  If able, bring a 36" rifle and sabre. 

Who do I contact with questions?

For registration related questions, please contact Allison Patrick, Director of Administration at 

For drum corps related questions, please contact Ibe Sodawalla, Executive Director/CEO at 

Legends Drum & Bugle Corps FAQ