From morse code to a communications tower, The Signal leaves a small town bewildered.  Eager to increase their means of communication, the town builds a radio tower.  Shortly after construction is completed, the town makes a startling discovery: something has contacted them.  The mood changes as ‘the signal’ is transmitted through the corps via syncopated morse code patterns and a sci-fi musical palette weaves throughout the program. Silence plays a key role during the ballad as the absence of the signal leaves the town longing for its return.  Just before all hope is lost, the signal returns.  The show concludes with elation and vigor as the town embraces ‘the signal’.  

Legends will take the field with its largest corps of 145 performers this season.  With a diverse musical palette, intriguing electronic design, and stunning visual presentation, Legends pushes the envelope with our most ambitious show to date. The Signal will be sure to captivate audiences this season.  

Repertoire includes:

Define Dancing from Wall-E
Thomas Newman, Peter Gabriel

Mason Bates

James Pluth

The Sound of Silence
Paul Simon

Hyperjump from Wall-E
Thomas Newman

Stargate Overture

David Arnold